April 16, 2020

Why we plan

Although Easter might have felt very different this year, perhaps you experienced some unexpected benefits? It goes without saying that we’d never wish the lockdown on anyone, but it has forced some positive changes upon many of us.

For example, some of us have become avid walkers and joggers overnight. We’re appreciating the simple things like jigsaw puzzles and regular home-cooked meals.

Granny has become a dab hand at video calls, and there can be no more lectures to the kids about too much screen time!

Four weeks ago, we’d never imagined living like this, but we’ve adapted to the ‘new normal’ because we’ve had to. It shows that we’re perhaps more resilient and adaptable than we think.

We often see this on a bigger scale in times of national crisis, when more often than not the Army is called in to help matters – such as the recent building of the NHS Nightingale Hospitals, which has been achieved with military efficiency.

But why the army?

What is it that they do that makes them the ‘go-to’ during unprecedented times like these?

The answer is that they have well-practiced plans in place which are regularly reviewed and changed according to circumstances and objectives.

Sutherland Independent take a similar approach to your financial planning.

Even with the most thorough forecasting in the world, there are things that can sometimes knock us sideways, a true curveball.

We believe it is important to respond positively to such events by regularly reviewing and adapting your financial plan according to the circumstances.

If you’d like to review your direction in light of the impact of the Coronavirus, we’re here whenever you need us.

April 16, 2020