Wealth Management

Wealth Management

With our experience in wealth management, our objective is to create a bespoke financial plan that helps you achieve what you want from your future.

With the tailored wealth management advice from Sutherland Independent, we start by asking you questions that help us to understand more about you.

We’ll ask you about the assets you already have, and what your incomings and outgoing are. We’ll find out more about your tax position.

We’ll find out about what your objectives are, over what time-frame. We’ll also compare how much risk you feel you can tolerate against the level of risk you actually need to take to achieve your plans, so we can balance the right products with the right investment approach.

Depending on what’s right for you, our wealth management investment advice might include recommendations relating to savings, investments, pensions, financial protection and other products. Or a combination of them all.

We’ll explore and research all options carefully before presenting our recommendations to you within a personally tailored financial plan.

Your plan will ensure you have a clear strategy to help you see how you can achieve your goals, and will encourage you to stay on track. But it’s also completely flexible, so if your needs change, or you wish to alter your attitude to risk, your plan changes with you.

Financial objectives

An example of your financial objectives might be to provide for retirement and / or long-term care. To fund your children or grandchildren’s school fees, or to reduce inheritance tax.

Retirement plans

We’ll find out what age you’d like to retire, what the current value of your pension funds might be and what you’d really like to achieve with your retirement.

Protection insurance

We’ll find out if there are any gaps in your financial plan such as life cover, critical illness cover and income protection. This would help protect you and your loved ones if anything unexpected were to happen to you.

If you’d like to speak to a financial planner about our wealth management services, please contact us.