August 18, 2022

The need to have a strong back up crew

a strong back up crew

If you’re living and working in Edinburgh at the moment, you’ll know that the festival is back in a big way.

After an absence of two years (2021 was largely a virtual affair) the streets are once again awash with billboards and leafleters promoting comedians, theatre and circus troupes.  Up-and-coming acts in tiny venues share the limelight with big names such Sir Ian McKellen playing Hamlet.

What unites them all (or at least the most successful ones) is usually a team working tirelessly in the background to help them put on the best show possible.

From stagehands, venue staff, to the people handing out flyers on the Royal Mile, behind every good artist is a great support crew – and they often go overlooked.

Celebrating our own superstars

Every profession has its own ‘unsung heroes’, including ours.  You will no doubt have had regular dealings with our fantastic adviser support team. However, there is another support team that our advisers work closely with which you may not be aware of.

You’ll be seeing much more of our Paraplanners at Sutherland Independent in the future, as we want to include them more in our review meetings in order to bring their expertise to the fore.

What is a Paraplanner?

A Paraplanner gives technical support to the Financial Planner, and they also provide a crucial second line of thinking, meaning the advice you get matches your exact needs.

They are the ones who complete tax calculations, carry out due diligence on our Investment Proposition and ensure that legislation and regulatory change is incorporated into our reporting.

Importantly, Paraplanners help simplify all the regular analysis, investment research, comparative performance information and monitoring that we carry out into something that’s readable and engaging when you get your financial reports from us.

As we said in our previous post in July, our industry just loves jargon and acronyms. Our Paraplanners have to be experts in decoding the gobbledygook and helping give you the wider context so you can make more sense of your finances. After all, what’s the point of a client report if it’s full of technobabble that make it unintelligible?

All our Paraplanners are either diploma qualified or working towards this qualification. They are also required to complete a continuing professional development programme each year which is a combination of approaches to manage their own learning.

You can’t overestimate the importance of a good Paraplanner. Without them, the job of a financial adviser would be nigh-on impossible.

They’re what makes our team special

Just as a show doesn’t go on without its backup crew, we’d find it impossible to give advice without the support of our expert Paraplanners.

Our Paraplanners, RobynMarieRoss, Michael and Kris work together to help our Financial Planners give you peace of mind and make more informed choices.

Find out more about them by looking at our team page.

August 18, 2022