October 26, 2022

More than just financial advice

Lady chatting to adviser

Creating a financial plan is about so much more than knowing how much you need to save, or the best place to invest your money.

The best advisers will also give you the tools that put you in control of your financial affairs.

Lately we’ve introduced a few new services that we think go above and beyond what you’d expect from regular financial advice. Here’s a brief intro to them:

Watch a box set

Whether it’s bingeing all the episodes of a classic such as The Sopranos, or something more current like Amazon Prime’s The Rings of Power, who doesn’t love a box set?

The beauty of box sets is that you can watch your favourite shows on your own terms – in one stretch, taking your time, or even starting over and rewatching to see if there’s anything you missed.

That’s what we’re aiming for with our new service. We’re offering access to interactive, jargon-free videos that help you find out more about the most important financial topics, such as state pensions, how to transfer from a defined benefit scheme, or making a will.

If you’re a client, you can get a taster of these video box sets by following the link below. The first focuses on financial scams: how to spot the tell-tale signs (such as offers that look too good to be true or where you’re being put under pressure to make a decision).

Whichever way you watch them, we hope they’ll give you a wider understanding of some of the vital issues affecting your finances – and ultimately help you to feel more confident and in control of your wealth.

To view the financial scams video click on the link here and register to watch.

Lady chatting to adviser

Looking beyond financial advice

Health and wealth go hand in hand. No financial plan is really complete without at least thinking about care. It might be in relation to ageing parents or your own circumstances in the future (even if you’re in good health now).

Each year in the UK, 130,000 more people require residential care, more than half of them are either partly or fully self-funded. Worryingly, a quarter will run out of money and need to change the way they receive their care.But planning goes further than just having money set aside to pay for a nursing home, or specialist care. The UK care system is complex and tricky to navigate, so it helps to have professionals to guide you through all the non-financial aspects as well.

That’s why, as indicated in our July blog, we’ve partnered with My Care Consultant, a service that helps explain the labyrinth of rules, regulations and providers, and advises on where to source the right care for your needs. It also keeps you right on your eligibility for aspects such as NHS continuing health care. There’s a lot of confusion around this, particularly after the care reforms that were announced last November by the government. This included a lifetime cap on the amount anyone in England will need to spend on their personal care, alongside a more generous means-test for local authority financial support.

It was this kind of complexity that inspired the founder of My Care to set up the service –she created a service that would reassure people and equip them with meaningful advice to suit them.

We’re rolling out this service to answer your questions when they inevitably stray beyond the financial aspects of a decision.

Even our own Advisers have used this service, with one recently speaking to them about care arrangements for his mother. The advice is independent and impartial, and helpful without being pushy.

Get in touch to find out more.

October 26, 2022