Mike’s story

I was looking for a financial adviser in Edinburgh and found 3 or 4 online, but Sutherland Independent stood out as being slightly different. They seemed more customer orientated, less stuffy and more human.

I was leaving my job and had a final salary pension, so I wanted to discuss the possibility of transferring it out, and you need financial advice to get that done.

I phoned Sutherland Independent and was given an appointment with Keith. My first impressions were that he was very professional – nice and friendly – he didn’t baffle you with science or try to be patronising. 

It’s a nice, informal relationship. You have coffee and sit in a nice meeting room. I was very impressed with the report he gave me advising on whether it was a good thing or not to transfer the money. I got the feeling that if it hadn’t been the right thing to do, they would have told me, even though it would have been a loss to them.

It’s reassuring to have that continuity and consistency and to work with someone you trust – in the world of finance that’s a big issue.

The process

First of all, I had a chat with Keith explaining my circumstances and what I was thinking of doing with my final salary pension and told him about my savings, investments, pensions and current expenditure. Keith then carried out detailed analysis and gave me a report showing my financial situation and what that would look like if I transferred the pension pot. 

At the time I’d been made redundant and so I wanted to know how quickly I had to go back to work and if I’d be able to pursue other things. 

He showed me the projections via a series of nice simple graphs. The good news was that I could have a break from office work and start a writing project I’d wanted to do for a while. I wouldn’t have done this otherwise – you might think you’ll be ok doing something like that, but until you see it in black and white you might worry you’ve misjudged it. 

It was a game-changer actually to say “I can do this, the pressure’s off to go back to work – this is the next stage.”

Exceeding expectations

I had really just gone to see an adviser as part of getting the pension transferred – but I feel the relationship I have with Sutherland Independent is going to be long-term. It’s reassuring to have someone on hand with the expertise to advise on things like the tax implications of withdrawing your money for example. 
It’s also nice to have yearly meetings with Keith. It’s reassuring to have that continuity and consistency and to work with someone you trust – in the world of finance that’s a big issue.

Sutherland Independent have a professional but non-stuffy way of doing things

It’s an informal, but professional service that provides more than just immediate financial advice – it looks at the longer term.

I’ve already recommended them to two friends and both are delighted with the service they’re getting.

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