December 20, 2020

Looking forward to 2021

You don’t need us to tell you that 2020 has been a time of upheaval.

It is certainly a year that none of us will ever forget!

However, it has given many of us the time we previously didn’t have to reassess, to rethink and, in some ways, even reset our core values.

The pace of life has slowed, we’ve spent more time at home and re-focused on family and relationships.

There are of course things we all miss and long for again, but in the meantime many of us have re-discovered our appreciation for the simpler things and what we have in the here and now.

As a business, we have used this time productively by including technology into our processes, in order to improve our client experience.

The term “Zoom meeting” is suddenly a new buzz word in the English language and is a great example of how embracing technology can help us to adjust and stay connected with our clients no matter what.

Our new SI App has become really popular with our clients as a way to send and receive confidential financial information and documents, instantly and securely.

And in this time of real change, we have begun our drive towards greater sustainability – not only in terms of how we function as a business but also how our clients’ investments can be used positively in pursuit of capital growth.


We have adapted, we have shown resilience, and we’re also now showing amazing levels of ‘bouncebackability’!

At Sutherland Independent, we don’t and we won’t stand still; we will forge ahead into the coming year, building on the momentum we have created.

You will hear more from us on sustainable investing and there will be more new and exciting developments to come as we evolve and grow.

We will continue with our ongoing commitment to corporate and social responsibility in our effort to make a difference in our local community.  This year we have supported our chosen charities:  Social Bite, which strives to end homelessness, the Edinburgh Food Project, supporting local people in crisis, and Survivors of Human Trafficking, helping those who have been exploited to rebuild their lives.

We would particularly like to thank all of you who joined with us in generous support of this year’s Christmas Cash for Kids appeal, supporting young people affected by poverty or abuse. We have jointly raised over £4000 to ensure that no vulnerable young person goes without a gift this Christmas. A real beacon of hope in this otherwise difficult year.

So, together we look forward to a brighter, happier 2021 …and to meeting up once again.

But for now, we take this opportunity to wish you, and all our loyal clients, a peaceful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.




December 20, 2020