Andrea’s story

We’ve been with Sutherland Independent for ten years now. Originally we were looking for help putting money aside for our children.

All kinds of things have happened since then – we’ve sold our business and moved house, so we’ve needed our money to do different things. Now that we’re in our 50s, things have changed again because we need more cash and less capital.

Jason treats you like a human being.

Jason has been completely brilliant at making sure our children are financially looked after, but what he’s been particularly good at is sorting out our pension for us. We had various different pots in different places and he was great at bringing it altogether so that we got the best deal.

When you’ve had two or three jobs you’ve got no idea about how much you have or where it all is. He brought it all together and told us what to do. He got us some incredibly cheap life insurance and we actually ended up getting cashback from our last policy!

He also helped us when we sold our business. We actually found a house to buy before we sold the business, so we suddenly needed some money! We phoned Jason and could hear him smile at the end of the phone saying “Give me two seconds and I’ll see what you need to sell.”

Finances are just so daunting

Jason is just so personable and always ready to help with anything, he treats you like a human being. Every year I ask him all the same questions I asked the year before about my pension because I’ve forgotten the answers by then, but he’s just so good at listening and never treats you like an idiot. 

I’ve been used to using stockbrokers, but they’re not the same. I don’t need to be told I’ve already asked a question, because I know that! I’d rather someone give me the answer, which Jason happily does. 

The whole team are all like that, particularly the staff on the front desk who have to take all the flack! They know our situation as well as Jason, and have everything at their fingertips, so they can give you an answer really quickly.

Going above and beyond 

We don’t ever worry, instead we have complete peace of mind.

When we owned our business we had various members of staff who had very small pensions. Jason sat down with them and made sure everything they had was in the right place. They only had small amounts of money, so it wouldn’t have been profitable for him, but he was prepared to sit down and explain everything to them. 

Some people aren’t interested in you unless you have millions, but Jason doesn’t mind if you have £10k or £10m, and his business has grown for that reason. 

Open, honest and responsive

Jason is refreshingly honest, and that runs through the whole company. We don’t ever worry, instead we have complete peace of mind. 

And we have no problem phoning him, whereas sometimes there are people you don’t feel like bothering. I know that no matter what I’m about to ask, he’ll pick up the phone smiling at the other end!

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