Anna’s story

We were looking for financial advice about the sale of our company. Our Financial Director recommended several firms to us – we chose Sutherland Independent, and we’re so glad we did.

Selling your own business is life changing. From its infancy in the early 80s, it became ‘our baby’. We were careful owners and as we made profits, we built up our pensions and other investments. So with the extra gains from the sale of the company, we needed professional advice on the best ways to make our money work. Sutherland Independent were very helpful, giving us all the information we needed.

We immediately felt comfortable with Jason

He’s a very personable chap and his financial knowledge is immense. He helped put our minds at rest and made the whole investment process more straightforward and easy to manage.

Jason is a very personable chap and his financial knowledge is immense.

He used a simple analogy of three different ‘buckets’ to help us see how we could control our money, taking in to account all that we had in place and advising us on how best to invest the funds about to arrive.

One bucket is ingoing, one outgoing, and one investments. Jason showed how the flows between them would work over the years ahead, changing as our ages increased. With this in mind we could see how it would all work for us, giving more for now when we want to enjoy retirement, but still leaving enough in place for what we might require at a later date and all in the most tax-efficient way.

We were also able to give to others – sadly at that time I lost both parents, so I have an estate now, and because of the way Jason worked it out, it meant we could put that money into Trust for our family.

Everything has been sorted pretty quickly thanks to Jason’s advice and we now feel very much in control of our financial position.

We now feel very much in control of our financial position.

Efficient, responsive and helpful

What we like most about Jason is he gets the job done. Jason is level-headed and very professional and that is exactly what we wanted. He is at the end of the phone if we have any queries and he deals with them immediately and he speaks to us on our level, which is very helpful.

You read such terrible things about people who have lost money due to trusting the wrong person! He is also very generous with his time which goes a long way. This for us will be a long-term relationship with Sutherland Independent.

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