Peter’s story

Now I have a one-stop shop for everything and someone who understands the full picture.

I sought help from Sutherland Independent when I was setting up my own company and needed advice about how to make sure my family was financially covered if anything should happen.

I wanted to make sure that by making such a financial leap, I could still maintain the same level of protection I’d had as a member of staff – critical illness cover, life cover etc.

My parents were already clients, so I was familiar with Sutherland Independent and their adviser Matthew. I’m based in London so we’ve done everything over Skype or video calls where we’ve shared screens. I’m used to doing business that way anyway, and you can still build a good rapport with people.

The main thing you want is to get answers to things, and I felt I was getting the answers very quickly to what I wanted, and I also felt I could ask anything, whether it’s a complicated scenario or something simple!

I’ve been able to futureproof my finances

We started with a question on protection and progressed to a full review. Subsequently Matthew helped consolidate my pensions and savings and moved my children’s ISAs. This is great because it now means I have a one-stop shop for everything and someone who understands the full picture.

Seeing my finances through ‘cashflow modelling’ software gave me a more detailed breakdown year by year, which is really reassuring. One of my questions was around my pension – I’d been employed, then self-employed, then employed again, so I didn’t know if my pension was the right size or a quarter of it!

I could see what was happening with it, and also the impact of putting more in, or less, as time went on.

You get continuity and a really personal service

Sutherland Independent are trustworthy and thorough.

What I like most about working with Sutherland Independent is to do with the fact that I can pick up the phone or send an email and I trust them to give me the answers straightaway.

You get continuity and a really personal service, which means you don’t have to explain yourself every single time.

In the first instance it was good to get peace of mind around getting life insurance and critical illness cover in place. This meant I could get on with running my business and not worry about it.

Beyond that it’s been reassuring to see the process play out for example, consolidating my pensions and being able to ask all the questions I had. The bulk of the work’s been done now, and I only have to chat to them every 6 months, but I can contact them at any time.

Exceeding expectations

Because Matthew works with my parents he also has the bigger picture. Although he would never pass on any personal information about them, he’ll check in with me and ask about whether they’re happy with things.

When they were looking to move house recently, what exceeded my expectations was the way Matthew sat down and worked with them on their finances and then checked in with me to find out how they were getting on, and whether they needed more support.

Regular, friendly information contact

I had an IFA once before who I only heard from once apart from newsletters. When she was changing companies she contacted me to ask if I’d go with her, which I did the first time, but when the same thing happened a second time I decided not to bother!

On the other hand, Sutherland Independent are trustworthy and thorough. I’ve already recommended them to others.

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