Steve’s story

My portfolio wasn’t huge initially, but I wanted to make sure it was taken care of. Then, as I was approaching retirement, I needed help navigating my final salary pension.

Sutherland Independent look at your finances from the point of view of where you see yourself going in life before anything else.

The service is slightly different to what you expect

I started using Sutherland Independent after seeing how they’d helped my mother-in-law.

Sutherland Independent look at your pension finances from the point of view of where you see yourself going in life before anything else.

My adviser Brian used ‘cashflow modelling’ software to show me how much our cashflow would be impacted if various different things happened. For example, it showed me and my wife the impact on going on 4 cruises a year compared to 2 normal holidays.

Considering these ‘what if’ scenarios was very thought provoking because it’s impossible to know how long you’re going to live for, and if you don’t last long you could end up being cash rich at the end of your life when it’s too late to spend it.

So we decided to buy a motor home earlier than planned

Brian explained that we could afford to run it and to visit Vancouver to see my daughter, which showed we weren’t just dreaming!

You hear about being able to take your pension pot in one go and buy a Ferrari, which sounds great, but you have to get help from an adviser before doing something like that because the implications are huge. Both from a tax point of view, but also because the more you take out, the less you have to generate an income, so it’s about getting the balance right.

It gave us a real confidence boost to know we could do what we wanted, and it was comforting to see it clearly laid out.

Brian and the team are very conscientious

It’s obvious how much work they put in to advise you and make sure your risk appetite is correct etc. And everything’s very up front – if there’s an introductory fee for example, it’s very clearly communicated. You don’t feel as if you’re dealing with a Flash Harry who’s trying to pull the wool over your eyes!

It’s good, solid quality products you’re recommended and a professional, thorough and personal service. I feel comfortable with their knowledge and expertise and would have no hesitation in recommending them.

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