August 13, 2020

Available now: Financial peace of mind in your pocket!

It’s finally here! The development we’ve all been waiting for.

We’re not talking about the summer weather (although we’re very glad to see that!).

We’re talking about our brand-new app: the Si Client Hub.

What’s the Si Client Hub?

Sutherland Independent

The Si Client Hub is a secure online app (also accessible from our website) that puts you in complete control of your financial life. It enables you to see, track and store all your financial information in one place.

It also takes away all the hassle of doing business with us, saving you oodles of time:

  1. A quicker way to sign paperwork: Instead of having to wait for documents to come through the post, then having to sign and return them back to us, paperwork can be signed electronically through the app, in matter of minutes.
  2. An easier way to store documents: The Si Client Hub acts as your own personal filing cabinet – instead of sending you bulky paperwork, we can store it there instead. You can read it at your leisure and refer back to it whenever you like. (And it’s better for the environment).
  3. Secure messaging: The Si Client Hub makes it easy for us to communicate with you – and it’s much more secure than email. You’ll also receive alerts when important documents or messages are waiting to be read.
  4. Access information at the touch of a button: You can also use the Si Client Hub to store your additional paperwork such as wills, a copy of your passport, property deeds and car insurance details, if you’d like to. All those forms that are normally never to hand!
  5. See all your finances in one place: You can see your investments, savings, pensions, insurances, mortgages, and property in one place. You’re free to connect whichever accounts you’d like to make visible.
  6. Peace of mind in an emergency: Your loved ones can access your important documents and details for you on your behalf if an emergency situation were to arise.
  7. Bank level encryption: The Si Client Hub makes sure your data is safeguarded using bank level security and encryption. The mobile app is further protected with your own 6-digit pin. Only having to log in to one place for everything also helps to reduce the risk of online fraud.

There’s no pressure to use every single feature – it’s up to you to use it in a way you feel comfortable with.

The best thing is, it can be used via your phone, tablet or desktop, which puts you in control. It really is financial peace of mind in your pocket!

To start using the app, please contact us and we’ll help you to get registered.

Or to find out more, take a look at this short video.

August 13, 2020