May 11, 2020

A vision for the future

How is your bird table looking? I only ask because bird seed is apparently selling fast and very hard to come by.

There’s no doubt this is a direct result of the lockdown: people are spending more time in their gardens and finding comfort in staying connected with nature – and the birds are having a field day!

It’s just one of the more unusual things that are currently in demand.

Another is cycle services.

As more and more people spend their daily exercise riding their bikes, there are more repairs needed. But there are only so many repair shops around – which is why many of them now have waiting lists!

The Coronavirus has certainly turned many things upside down.

It’s also provided a backdrop for contemplation and reflection

We now have much more time to consider things we wouldn’t normally have time to think about.

These include everyday things such as the value of delivery drivers, refuse collectors, supermarket staff and, of course, the NHS.

But some of the ‘bigger picture’ things too.

For example, we know of lawyers who are inundated with requests for people who wish to update their wills, or who want to arrange powers of attorney so they have someone who can legally make decisions on their behalf if they become unable to do so.

These are things we traditionally think of as being for ‘older’ people, but the pandemic has made many of us realise that unfortunately the unexpected can happen at any time and to anyone, no matter what age they are.

If you’d like to chat about this please let us know

It certainly feels as if once we’re out of lockdown, we’ll have a much clearer picture about what’s important to us, and perhaps a different vision for the future. What seemed important 7 weeks ago might seem less so now.

We’ve seen how nature has already set the ‘reset’ button: jellyfish are gliding through the canals in Venice, wild boar are roaming the streets in Barcelona, and here in the UK, hedgehogs are enjoying relatively car-free roads.

It’s inspiring to see how quickly things can change for the better. And although we don’t yet know the details of how lockdown will be eased, we know that soon we might finally be able to think about what our new future might look like.

If you’d like to talk yours through with us, please just get in touch.

May 11, 2020