January 15, 2021

A positive outlook for the year ahead

Despite a challenging start, we’re back doing what we love: talking to our clients, helping them to realise their plans, and set goals for the future.

And although it’s frustrating to be in another lockdown, it does feel as if this time we know the script.  After all, we’ve been here before, which means that there’s less panic – less empty shelves at the supermarket, for example – because this time we know what to expect.

From a day-to-day business perspective, we’ve hit the ground running and have everything in place for you: all aspects of our online client service is running like clockwork. We are expert now at meetings via zoom calls, our client portal is in place, and for signing documentation, we have DocuSign available. This means there’s no need for a ‘wet’ signature, which means there’s no need for paperwork to be sent in the post.

Further grounds for optimism

Last year, last lockdown, hopes for an early vaccine seemed bleak indeed.

But now, with vaccines by Pfizer, Oxford University and now Moderna being fast-tracked to market and rolled out nationwide, it feels as if the light at the end of the tunnel has definitely been switched back on.

Soon, and very slowly, life will begin to return to normal, unruly financial markets will continue to stabilise, and it will feel possible to really start planning again. Perhaps this time next year we’ll be booking those long-awaited holidays with more relish than ever before!

Admittedly, the current mood for many of our clients is still coloured by the ongoing situation, however, one thing we can all do is take a drones-eye view of our entire financial plan, and judge from above what needs to be tweaked, extended, updated or added on.

And with the introduction of a sustainable, socially responsible attitude to your investments we are inviting our clients to get in touch so that we can tell them more about this topic, and to re-evaluate their attitude to risk using our new more precise risk profiling tool.

We have talked before about people’s amazing capacity for resilience – their ‘bouncebackability’ – and this remains very evident. And it remains our attitude, and our focus for 2021.

The words of the father of the modern motor car, Henry Ford, sheds light on our optimism at Sutherland Independent as we move forward into 2021:

“If you think you can do a thing, or think you can’t do a thing, you are right.”

This year is set to be an interesting year, let’s face it …and do it… together!

January 15, 2021