December 3, 2021

2021 has been another rollercoaster year!

Having started the year in a post-Christmas lock-down, life started to feel a little bit more normal again as rules were gradually relaxed. We started meeting-up with friends again, going for drinks or a meal and some even ventured on a foreign holiday (despite the complexities of the traffic light system and all that paperwork!)

But throughout the year reminders that we continue to be in a state of pandemic have never been far away!

With 2022 fast approaching, we thought we would take a brief look back at some of the key news and themes from the last 12 months.


Climate change has been in the news a lot this year. Extreme weather conditions, the rise of electric cars and COP26 in Glasgow last month, have never been far from the headlines.

We are all increasingly aware of the need to act, to make small but collectively significant changes to our lifestyles – all doing our bit.

The increased popularity of sustainable investments has been part of this shift in attitude, with clients wanting their investments to promote positive change to the environment, how companies treat their staff and wider society – whilst at the same time remaining focused on performance and risk control.

Sutherland Independent have stepped-up to the challenge, making a range of sustainable investments and portfolios readily available – partly to cater for this increased interest, but also in recognition of the huge potential that investing in greener, more efficient industries and companies will offer in a post-pandemic world.


The double whammy of Brexit and the pandemic have resulted in the cost of living in the UK continuing to rise over the course of 2021.

Official inflation figures are now at around 4% and the expectation is for this to increase again next year to around 5% – although the Office of National Statistics still consider this to be temporary. However, with interest rates remaining low it is all the more reason to make sure that your invested assets are as productive as possible.

Regularly reviewing your financial planning with your adviser at Sutherland Independent is a sensible step to take, to keep you on the right track.


Earlier this year Sutherland Independent became part of the IWP group (Independent Wealth Planners) which as helped us to continue to grow and future-proof the advice process we provide to our clients.

2022 will see more exciting developments with IWP as we look towards further expansion and rebranding, whilst maintaining the same focus on client service.

More news on this to come!

Corporate and Social Responsibility – Mission Christmas 2021

A fitting way to finish our look back at the year is news on our continued support Forth One’s Mission Christmas appeal.

For the third year in a row, the staff at Sutherland Independent have helped out organising and sorting presents for those kids in our area that are most in need over Christmas.

It was very cold day at Mission Christmas HQ in the Gyle Edinburgh earlier this month, but we all agreed it was incredibly rewarding experience and all for an amazing cause!

The thought of any child waking-up to nothing on the big day is heart-breaking, and we are all in awe of the work the Mission Christmas team are doing – even in the most challenging of times.

At the end of this eventful year, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a happy, healthy Christmas season.

December 3, 2021